10 Great Videos About The Grand Canyon

10 great Grand Canyon videos

Narrowing down to 10 videos that sum up the Grand Canyon is like trying to pick the 10 best songs of all time. 

They’re all good, and no matter what makes the list, there are so many more that could be on it.

So this isn’t necessarily a “Top Ten” list. 

Think of it as more of a collection of unique views of the Canyon.

From aerial shots…to walking on the canyon floor…to rafting down the Colorado…here are 10 videos that will show you this natural masterpiece from different perspectives.

#1 – How the Grand Canyon was formed

This great documentary from the History Channel discusses theories about how the Canyon was formed.

#2 – Aerial View of the Grand Canyon

This incredible video was shot by someone traveling east on their flight.

It’s best viewed in full screen mode and if you look closely, you can see these spots:

  • Grand Canyon Village on the South Rim
  • The North Rim Visitor Center
  •  Phantom Ranch
  • Bright Angel Canyon
  • Bright Angel Creek
  • Grandview Point
  • Unkar Delta
  • Little Colorado River

#3 – Another Aerial View of the Grand Canyon

Another aerial video, but this one is closer to the Canyon.

Here the pilot starts out flying East to West, downriver and then turning around over the Unkar Delta to fly eastward passing by the Little Colorado River.

#4 – Hiking Inside the Grand Canyon

Joey Coconato (MyOwnFrontier on YouTube) produces excellent videos of his hikes throughout the West. 

In this one, his 5-day hike follows the Escalante Trail along the river and on the Tonto Shelf, ending at Havasupai Gardens Campground (formerly Indian Garden Campground) where he departs the Canyon via the Bright Angel Trail.  

#5 – Rim to River Grand Canyon Hike

Here’s an awesome virtual run/walk down the South Kaibab Trail that ends at Phantom Ranch on the North side of the Colorado River.

The point-of-view footage lets you feel like you are right on the trail yourself.

Popular points include Ooh-Aah Point, Cedar Ridge, and Skeleton Point.

#6 – Epic Thru-Hike of the Grand Canyon

This special (broken up into 3 separate videos) from National Geographic follows two journalists doing a complete thru-hike in the Canyon.

Enjoy some rare footage of remote areas in Grand Canyon.

#7 – Hike to Havasupai Falls

Another point-of-view virtual hike in the Canyon, this time to Havasupai Falls in the western area of the Canyon.

The beautiful blue waters of the falls awaits you near the end of this trail.

#8 – Hiking Nankoweap

Another great hiking video in the Canyon.

Nankoweap seems to be an “Intermediate” to “Expert” level hiking area.

You get to see some sketchy trail areas of the Canyon in this one.

#9 – Driving to Toroweap

Here’s some footage of the remote but rewarding trip to Toroweap Overlook.

#10 – Rafting on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon

What list of Grand Canyon videos would be complete without one about rafting on the Colorado?

This is footage from a 6-day trip. There are longer rafting trip videos on YouTube, but this one has some spectacular scenery.

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10 Great Videos About The Grand Canyon

Narrowing down to 10 videos that sum up the Grand Canyon is like trying to pick the 10 best songs of all time. They're all good, ...